" Who would have thought that October was also National Caramel Month? Well luckily we have just the right treats for the delicious caramel indulgence!

But first, let’s take a step back into time and see how caramel came to it’s so many variations of use…"


"Ever wonder where the Macaron originated? I mean, we all know they are full of deliciousness and everything, but were they always made the way they are now? Or have they changed slightly over the many years of existence? Curiosity took over and I went back in time to see where this delicious French Cookie originated; and here is their story…"


"Growing up in San Diego, I’m sure we have all participated in the Taco Tuesday frenzy. I find that once we start getting older we kind of wander away from what everyone is going to during the week. Either that, or you just get tired of it after a while. Instead of an every week thing, you make it more of a once a month thing. I myself always try to look for something new; what’s the new “hippest” little eating place in town, what hole in the wall can I go to next. My inner Foodie is always craving something new and exciting to place on my palate and fill my belly. If your inner Foodie is calling for something new and exciting, why not try our Tapas Tuesday?"


"Now that we have established ourselves in several categories under San Diego’s Best Restaurant Winners of 2015; we thought it’d be a great idea to start sharing and posting stories behind the scene of Le Parfait Paris. But first, for those of you new to our brand, how about some “formal” introductions?"